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First of all, thank you for coming to this page. I appreciate it. Because I know the only way you got here, was to actively seek out a way to financially support what I’m doing with the Tightwad Marketing website.

You don’t have to.

That said, from one tightwad to another, I am deeply grateful.

So, for you, one of the rare few to step up to the plate with money in hand, I have something to offer in return.

It’s an e-book that I wrote. Yes, elsewhere on this website I said I wouldn’t do an e-book because information is easy and implementation is what matters, and so on. But this e-book is a little different because it contains the implementation: actual copy for you to cut-and-paste.

See, in my real job, I’m a copywriter. I’m well-paid for writing ads, brochures, websites, television and radio commercials, and sales letters. So, you can imagine how hesitant I was about giving away what I generally get paid for. Free advice is one thing, but free copy – actual copy – is another thing entirely. That’s my bread and butter.

But this e-book is, like I said, a little different. It addresses an area of business communication where most businesses ought to employ a marketing-savvy copywriter, but don’t.

What it is, is a 14-page e-book called “Thank you for your business, may I please have more?” It’s a short, to-the-point primer on how to use thank-you notes to strengthen your business relationships, recover lost business, and make more sales. And, it comes with 13 pre-written thank-you note templates to cover most typical business situations.

Now, I have nearly 30 years of experience writing results-oriented copy. So, these aren’t just graceful thank-you notes; they’re also effective sales tools, written to help you move your sales process forward. I have not seen anything like this e-book offered anywhere else.

Everyone needs to say “thank you.” This e-book, “Thank you for your business, may I please have more?” gives you 13 quick, gently persuasive, casual-yet-businesslike ways to do it.

Business owners who previewed this e-book told me that it would be a bargain at $20. I might go ahead and sell it at that price elsewhere. But, this is Tightwad Marketing here. So ...

“Thank you for your business, may I please have more?” is yours when you support TightwadMarketing.com with a PayPal payment of $5 or more. And now, I can even accept credit card transactions or international transactions. Use the email address john@tightwadmarketing.com, or just click the “donate” button below. When I get the PayPal notification, I’ll email you the PDF as an attachment. The process is low-tech and not automated, so it may take a few hours. Your email address will not be collected or sold; in fact, you won’t hear from me again unless you contact me again.

Which is another reason for me to say “thank you” now. Thank you!

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with a PayPal payment of $5 or more,
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