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My reviews are independent, unaffiliated, and unashamedly opinionated. I make no money off these links. Nor, to my knowledge, will you find reciprocal links for me on any of the websites listed. I’d rather be free to kick off a link that no longer meets my standards, than to make a bad buck off your trust.

These lists began as my personal short-list after spending countless hours scouring the web looking at hundreds of resource websites (most of which I wouldn’t recommend to my friends, which is why my lists are relatively small). In most cases, I have personally used the services of the company reviewed. Also, I review each link and update regularly.

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Reviews of (and links to):
Free and cheap domain name registration and website hosts: Domain name registration starting at $8.95/yr, plus reviews of both ad-supported (“free”) website hosts and low-cost website hosts.
Free and cheap website development sources: Website-building tools, including tutorials, website design templates, free image resources, and website editing and uploading software.
Free and cheap website management tools: Tools with which to manage your website and your Internet experience, including search engine submission tools, security and safety resources, and a variety of other useful web-based services.
Free and cheap traditional marketing tools: Business cards, promotional items, and deals on office supplies.

Next step: Reviews of free and cheap registrars and webhosts