Sample website:faq

John Kuraoka
freelance advertising copywriter

This is a sample website created for Write your website content in 60 minutes, an article that can be found in Tightwad Marketing. My actual website is






Why me?

Do you design the ads, websites, or brochures?
No, I am a copywriter. I work with art directors and graphic designers who provide the look of the finished piece. If you do not have an art director or designer, I have a vast network of trusted associates I can refer to you.

How do you work?
I prefer to work on a project basis, where I provide an estimate beforehand for your approval. With certain small projects, such as editing for example, I can bill hourly.

What are your rates?
My basic hourly rate is $150/hr. Project rates are negotiable.

Can you help me keep someone from stealing my idea?
No. There’s a difference between copyright and copywriting. I write copy - the words that appear in ads, brochures, and websites. You need to find an attorney who specializes in something called intellectual property.

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