Sample website: services

John Kuraoka
freelance advertising copywriter

This is a sample website created for Write your website content in 60 minutes, an article that can be found in Tightwad Marketing. My actual website is






Why me?

Advertising: creative communication that commands attention and gets results.
Brochures: the whole story of your product or service, told in a persuasive way.
Catalogs: concise, creative, compelling descriptions that sell.
Data sheets: more than just information - persuasion with a technical approach.
Interactive: engaging, compelling, and - most-important - selling!
Letters: personal, pithy, persuasive business letters that get read.
Mailers: from simple postcards to spectacular campaign concepts.
Outdoor: billboards and bus cards that get you business.
Point-of-purchase: signage that sells, on the spot!
Press releases: headline-grabbing news releases that put you in the papers.
Radio commercials: effective use of the theater of the mind.
Sales kits: your products and services made relevant - even fascinating.
Television commercials: 30 seconds that can make you or break you.
Websites: keyword-savvy copy that makes your content worth reading.

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